Workshop conducted by the Netherland Embassy and Galle Heritage Foundation about the Historical Galle Fort on 03rd and 04th of July 2017


With the aim of to provide a World Heritage Site experience to the visitors of the UNESCO asserted Galle Fort, representatives of Netherland Embassy conducted a workshop with the assistance of Galle Heritage Foundation on 03rd and 04th days of July 2017. The workshop was mostly directed by Mrs. Joanne Doornewaard, the Ambassador of Netherland; Mr. Paul Ariese, the Museum Mind; and Mr. Max Meijer, the Time Amsterdam. For the workshop, officers from the Galle Archaeological Regional Office, Urban Development Authority, Moratuwa University, Galle Municipal Council, Galle Engineer’s Office, Galle Department of Museum, Central Cultural Fund, Galle Port Authority, with the Chairman, Director and other staffs of Galle Heritage Foundation have participated.

During the workshop many strategies were discussed including constructing an Art Museum in Galle Fort, establishing a Child Museum at Moon Bastion, improving the Galle Heritage Centre, and plans to provide better diverse experiences to the tourists at other identified bastions.

During the discussions, participants too suggested various ideas and actions to be taken in future to set up many tourist attractions which would reflect the historicity and cultural values of the Galle Fort.



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