Releasing "The Heritage Of a Rampart" Handbook -2017

Galle Heritage Foundation of the Ministry of Law and Order and Southern Developments released "The Heritage of a Rampart " handbook on 01-02-2017 at  9.30  AM at the Southern Provincial Governor's Secretariat and the Hon.Professor Hemakumara Nanayakkara, the Governor of Southern Province headed the event. Members of the Management Board of the Management Board of Galle Heritage Foundation, Professor K.D. Paranawithana, all the staffs of Galle Heritage Foundation and media personnel were presented for the occasion.

"The Heritage of a Rampart" comprises the printed ninformation of 34 important places in the historical Galle Fort. Professor K.D. Paranavithana of Department of Humanities of University of Rajarata was the editor in chief of this handbook. Facilities are provided at the Galle Heritage Centre of Baladhaksha Mawatha, Fort to purchase this handbook at the price of Rs.400.00 Currently the "The Heritage of a Rampart" is available in both Sinhala and Tamil languages and soon it will be released in English as well.





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