Expressing gratitude for the communal hospitalities provided for the improvement of world heritage site of Galle Fort

Under the supervision of Galle Heritage Foundation, the following institutions voluntarily maintain the landscaping activities within the world heritage site of Galle Fort.

Galle Heritage Foundation expresses its generous gratitude to these institutions for their very valuable services provided to keep the fort clean and beautiful.



Institution Landscaping Land portions
1. Decon (Pvt) Ltd,No 44,Light House Street,Fort,Galle

Two land portions in front of the new fort entrance.




2. Ambassador House Villa,No 60,Light House street, Fort,Galle.

Upper floor area from the front side of National Museum Building to Moon Bastion and from thereon to Road Development Authority building.

3. Galle Fort Hotel,No,28, Mosque Road,Fort,Galle

From the vicinity of Road Development Authority building to the rampart crest part at the beginning of Samanala Palyground.

4. Peddler Inn,Peddler Street,Fort,Galle

From the end of Sudharmalaya ground to Triton Armory.

5. Amangalla Hotel,Fort,Galle.

Upper floor and lower floor from bell tower to the front side of National Museum building.

6. Indian Hut Restaurant,Rampart Street,Fort,Galle.

Land portions from Viaggeklip Bastion to light house.

7. Orchid House,No.28/2, Hospital Road, Fort,Galle. Land portions from light house Viaggeklip Bastion to Bank of Ceylon Regional Office.



8. Galle Heritage Foundation,212/1/1,Wakwella Rd,Galle. Maintain the other all  landscaping activities within the World heritage site of Galle Fort.




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